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At The Zand Law Firm., you are never just another client. We diligently consider every individual case and tailor our defense to provide exactly what you need. Within the first conversation, you will discover that the lawyers at The Zand Law Firm are incredibly passionate when it comes to our clients; we understand the hardship and emotional toll lawsuits cause.

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Injury cases and claims require a high level of commitment from your attorney; negotiating and resolutely demanding that you get the compensation that you deserve is a crucial part of the process. Our legal team is not here to make a fast, easy settlement, we are here to fight for you and your future. The firm has a proven record of success in recovering high value compensation in a variety of serious injury cases. We are committed to standing firm when we negotiate your settlement, or go to court when the insurance company fails to come through with fair compensation for our clients.

The team at The Zand Law Firm is a high quality and well-known group of attorneys that have represented tens of thousands of injured victims throughout our years in practice, and we are prepared to evaluate your case and advise you how to move forward with your claim. Our firm represents clients in all types of injury cases, including serious car accident cases, helping resolve injury claims in motorcycle accident injury cases, addressing the complex legal issues behind a commercial truck accident, as well as cases of injury in a bus accident, or bicycle accident. In an injury case in which a victim suffered a traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injury we will carefully evaluate all aspects of the case and future predicted costs and losses when we file a claim for compensation. Those that have been injured while on government, private or commercial property should get assistance from our skilled attorney team to file a premises liability claim to recover compensation.

Compassion, Experience, Results

The first crucial step in any serious injury case is to ensure that your case is carefully analyzed to determine what damages should be included in your claim. A full review of all the circumstances surrounding the injury accident, as well as the evidence to support our injury claim should take place as early as possible after the accident. In many cases, liability is clear, and there is no need to try to establish that another party was negligent. Other cases may require the assistance of an independent accident investigator to help support our claim for the injured victim. Over our years in practice, we have developed powerful resources to call upon in such cases, often leading to a successful case outcome.

Catastrophic injury cases are given a high level of focus and commitment, as the injured victim will require either long term or a lifetime of medical care and treatment. Our clients are our only concern; their future health and well-being will be based upon the outcome of their claim or lawsuit. If necessary we will litigate the case if the insurance company involved is not willing to pay the damages that should be due in such a case. We are here to assist our clients and resolve their claims favorably. We do all we can to get the results you want, and our years in practice and successful record for former clients will be of benefit to your with your injury case. Contact a personal injury lawyer from the firm for immediate assistance with your injury case.

A Message From Dean Zand

Every law firm makes bold claims about aggressive representation and a long list of accomplishments, which they use as the reasons for you to choose them to represent you. We certainly have more than our share of legal talent, accomplishments, and victories, but we know the most important thing to emphasize, which is that our number one concern is your satisfaction. And we don’t just say that, we back it up and let every action we take speak for us as well. It isn’t about victory for us; it is about victory for you.

01 Experience

We have years of legal experience to offer you and a proven track record of results.

02 Compassion

Every case is different, and we are ready to listen to you and provide service centered on your personal needs.

03 Knowledge

Fighting for your rights to healing and compensation is the only thing that matters to us.

04 Communication

We will keep you regularly advised of our progress as we proceed with your case, to make sure we are handling everything the way you want.

05 Integrity

We guarantee capability, compassion and commitment because this is what our clients need, and deserve.

06 Results

We aren’t satisfied until YOU are satisfied. You should choose us because we will get you the results you are looking for

What Our Clients say

Meet Dean Zand

Aggressive & highly experienced personal injury attorney who wants the same results you do

You should never have to face an injury alone, and when you work with a top personal injury lawyer like Dean Zand, you will never have to. We have your best interest in mind and will fight to achieve a favorable outcome in a settlement or verdict as soon as possible. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that everything that can be done will be done in your injury accident case.

The Zand Law Firm proudly serves all of Fort Bend County, providing top-notch representation to each & every client. If you have questions regarding your particular situation or your injuries, do not hesitate to contact our firm. We offer free case evaluations, so call us toll-free at 281-751-6466. All calls are returned within 24 hours.

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You Don’t Pay Unless We Win!

All of our personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Also, unlike many other firms, we advance ALL costs for your case. This means you will pay no legal fees until we collect settlement money for you. It’s that simple. Our legal fees are paid only if we win your case!

Dealing with a personal injury accident is burdensome enough. You will have the peace of mind to know that you will pay nothing out of pocket to us. Our long standing principle is that we will NEVER leave a client in a worse position than before he or she came to us.

No Health Insurance Required

Regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance, we can still get you the medical attention you need from the top medical facilities, physicians, surgeons and other medical providers. There are doctors who work on a lien basis, which means they get paid once your case is settled and will not hassle you for payment during the course of your case. You don’t need to let the fact that you don’t have health insurance get in the way of the treatment and compensation you are entitled to!

Personal Attention And Commitment

Our law firm is grounded on one basic principle: providing clients who have been injured with a voice and fighting to get a fair settlement to compensate them for the pain and suffering they have been through. We are passionate and aggressive in our pursuit of maximizing our client’s recovery. We don’t just settle for the minimum; we fight to get our clients the results they deserve.

It’s quite simple. We love our clients, we love our jobs, and we love nothing more than getting the compensation that you so rightfully deserve!

Practice Areas

At The Zand Law Firm, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to only one area of the law. And we only represent injury victims and their families. We do not represent insurance companies or those that cause others harm.

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