Fort Bend County Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Many Elderly Loved Ones Live In Texas Nursing HomesLoved ones are placed in nursing homes so they may get the proper care and attention they might not otherwise get if their loved ones were looking after them.  For this comfort, the loved ones pay various assisted living centers a premium fee to make sure their loved ones receive the proper nutrition, medication, mental and physical exercise, and are generally entertained.  When these nursing homes abuse or neglect their senior citizens, it is important that they immediately be removed from that abuse and that speak with a Fort Bend County nursing home negligence lawyer to learn about what actions may be taken against the responsible parties.

Nursing Home Elderly Abuse in Fort Bend County

Family members who have loved ones in Fort Bend County nursing homes may only visit a few times a week or a couple times a month.  These family visits are sometimes short, and a nursing home employee may be in the room or within hearing distance.  Your loved one may not feel safe communicating about elderly abuse or about any verbal abuse or physical attacks because they may not want to suffer any further punishment after you leave.  Because of the clothing your elderly relative is wearing, you may be unable to see signs of physical abuse or general nursing home negligence.  If during these visits you suspect any form of nursing home abuse, immediately be in touch with a Fort Bend County nursing home negligence lawyer who will assist you in accurately determining whether there have been any instances of negligence or abuse by the staff or employees of the care facility.

If you suspect your loved one is experiencing either neglect or abuse, you may ask your elderly family member directly, the nursing home staff, caregivers or employees.  In addition to directly questioning the nursing home staff, observe the general cleanliness of their personal rooms and the general facility including common areas where visitors don’t frequently go.  Examine your elderly family member’s personal hygiene and look for unexplained bruises or other evidence of physical abuse or restraint marks on their arms or legs.  Be familiar with the medication and diet program they should be taking.  But, most importantly, get a general feel of the nursing home and determine if your feeling changes over time as you continue to visit your loved one.  If anything changes, our TX nursing home abuse attorney Dean Zand will fight for the legal rights of your loved one.

Do You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

If you or family members suspect your loved one is suffering abuse or neglect at their nursing home, please speak with a lawyer to discuss the facts you observed by calling 281-751-6466.

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